Chapter Thirteen

4 02 2014

Forgive me for being a month late.
Still I have nothing to add.
A handful of months, somethings which were and
Then somethings which went.
Like a first moment and last with enough space inbetween to breathe.
There is no love now felt lost where love never was.
You might beg to differ but then you have always been wrong,
Even before the beginning.
I have new things I must know to find and see and
There are places which I have yet to know where I will want to go.
And you were just a year.
So disappear before me like the rain turned to steam
Rising from a boiling summer ground.
No goodbye, simply leave.

Melt Me To Sleep

2 01 2014

Hot flame flickering
Atop a red candle’s pool of melted wax in a glass jar.

See the flame flicker
As it casts silhouettes who seem scared of themselves.

Melt me to sleep flickering flame
Where dreams liquefy while I lie under these winter blankets.


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