Echoed on the wall
By shadows of its light
Dances a flame atop a candle.

Heat builds with
Passionate burning,
I draw back my hand
And look out the living
Room window to
Another place,
A past year…

     Candles burned hotter
     And I was more carefree.
     But responsibility,
     Unreturned feelings,
     The latter, they have
     Caught up with me…

The flame, its glow,
Awakens me from
Staring out the window.

I wonder.

So I begin to barter
With the flame
Your expiring burning for
Unreturned sentiments
In exchange.

Originally written
3 April 2003

Who Might Immerse Their Bread Into Wine

Desire is something
Burning more than
Fire within the heart.
It is a consuming
Epidemic to the
Unguarded, charring
And leaving nothing
Behind except more
Of itself.

Few are those who
Can keep themselves
From being burned
By desire’s flames, for
It spits out from the
Diseased hearts of
Themselves, others.

O great love in the
Heavens such a far
Cry above: consume,
Cleanse, make anew
Every heart below.

Originally written
28 April 2005