While You Were Out Sick

2 03 2015

The earth continued spinning
Despite the antithesis of your ego’s insistence.
I am not calling you an egotist but
Sometimes I find myself second guessing.
The sun came out today and melted
Bits and pieces of Winter away,
Turning them into a torrential stream roaring
Down the hill towards Main Street,
It giving no heed to the rules of the
Road by which us mortal souls must abide.
The gang of neighborhood kids built a
Giant snowman right up by the edge of the
Road complete with a raisin mouth and a
Long carrot stick for a nose.
All the world’s a stage upon which vanishing
Sculptures of snow greet this world so
Increasingly imperfectly.
I found rather quick service at the
Post Office thanks to a young black man
At the front of the line who prayed and as
I thanked him on my way out he smiled and
Laughed and replied for real!

And there are people waiting for your return.
You have been missed.


24 02 2015

I have fashioned myself this way and that
And still find my unravelings and
Those things which tatter and disintegrate
From dragging along the ground.
Should I then wonder which is more true,
The former or the latter or should
I continue on as I am, as this is who I am?
Are we all not so much the sum of
Our bests but the pieces of our brokens?


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