Message Sent

4 01 2016

I chose to board even though
We agreed to meet at half past three.
Late again, I can imagine the excuses:
A broken heel or
Spilled coffee on the last clean blouse

I am on my way and you’re off wherever you are.
The outside crumbles into changing colors and
Blurring motion as the engine pulls the extraordinary
Weight of its burdened load.
Sometimes it’s easy to sleep with the
Jolting and the jerking, the

What if I missed you?
I am on my way, regardless.
Catch up with me on the next train and
We’ll meet at the shop on the corner of Main and West Third.
I chose to go ahead and board.
We both knew I would.

Screaming Danger

12 05 2015

Infidelities seep out of your mouth
Like oil oozing down
A kitchen cabinet
Onto the floor.

I know these words
I have heard others like them before.
They are nothing to me.
It is wind-blown dust settling upon desert plains.

We all have minds and thoughts
And passions and whims and opinions.
Your gender is not exempt
From rationality.

So as would be proper
Move me tender and I will empathize.
Show me my wrongs I will be a changed man.
But I hear from you a bout of anger and
To me it is little other thanĀ  screaming danger.


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