Similarities In The Differences


…eight, I think
I counted eight
Candadian geese
Flying so high in
The autumn
Sky of the mid-
Summer’s day
And I think 
Said to you

Two or three or
Four times how I
Would rather
Just lie on the
Hillside above
The town below
And I think you said

Thrice…no twice…
No, just once
That the needs
Of this day would
Not allow us to
Wait and so you
Got up and left,
Even knowing
How I would
Delay to watch the
Geese eventually
Disappear into
The reddening sunset.

Originally written
7 March 2005

Sky Above Mountains

She stands behind
And asks him what
Has captured the
Attention of his eyes
And his reply is only
To raise his right
Arm and point off
To the distant sky.
So she moves a few
Steps closer, stands
Next to him, looks
Off towards the
Distance and
Wonders aloud with
Brightened eyes
That the wonder she
Beholds comes from
The far-off sky and
Is yet right beside her.

Originally written
10 December 2005