On This Current Calm

I like this time of year.

Most mean the holiday season. The anticipation of Christmas and gifts and family and travel and the hope of a new beginning with the coming of a new year. But for me, I thoroughly enjoy this time of year not because of the things I just listed. Instead it is because there is a certain amount of tranquility in the air. Like the calm before a storm hits. Soon the wind will pick up and the trees will sway and precipitation will commence…but not yet. No there is still another week or two before the whirlwind of the closing of another holiday season comes to an end. There are still a few weeks left before the rug is pulled out from underneath us and we find ourselves in the middle of January wondering where the warmth of December’s anticipation went.

I especially enjoy the colder weather. Overcast skies perhaps, but no snow on the ground. For me, this is the last time to look around and see the pale, drab, near post-Autumn colors that I rather enjoying living in day-to-day. For those who live in warmer climates, you may not understand. The changing of the seasons means a change of personal perspective. I become much more introspective after the New Year and spend this time wrapping myself in preparation. It is a time to toss ideas of poetry around in my head and get myself ready to write during the cold, snowy winter months ahead.

I rather enjoy this current calm, one of the few fleeting favorite times of year for me.


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