On An Abrupt Ending

Or, this life that passes us by so quickly.

A few highlights from this already tired year…

January. I share a house with two other guys now that the third guy just recently married. I’ve always been the first one back in town after the Christmas holiday. I spent the first few days with no one else in the house. There were some pictures I’d taken in 2006 that I developed, framed, and hung up in my room. I bought new book shelves and reorganized my books and room. The second week into the year I took a trip with my cousin and her friend to visit their friend in Pittsburgh for the weekend. We saw a few local bands and took a few quick car rides around the city before heading back to our own respective lives.

February. The school I work at closed for three days within a one week period due to a snow storm. In my opinion, it was no storm, especially considering where I grew up. This was around Valentine’s Day. No school meant I didn’t have to work so I drove about 20 minutes south and captured this picture at dusk:


April. Part of my extended and immediate family gathered in Asheville, North Carolina for Easter. My cousin and I traveled together and drove through a snow storm to get there, though I didn’t think it was all that bad. We were hoping for mild weather but were met by 30-degree temperatures.

May. While taking a left-hand turn onto the street leading up to the school I work at, I had to quickly maneuver out of the way of an oncoming car [which seemed to come out of nowhere], and thus was faced with the problem of trying to jump a curb on my bicycle while clipping along at a pretty good pace. Needless to say the idea went better in my head than it did in action. The front tire of my bike hit the curb and I was thrown forward with my right side hitting and sliding along the sidewalk mere feet in front of a few neighborhood kids. The driver flippantly asked if I was okay and then sped off while I was left with the back side of my entire right arm scraped and bloodied. At least I got a few days off from work…and my bike came out without a scratch.

June. Spring quarter finished at school the first week and then towards the end of the month I took a trip home to Rochester, New York. My brother came up from Virginia Beach.

August. Took a trip up to South Bend, Indiana to visit my cousin. The first year in the last three that she wasn’t moving to a new apartment.

September. Took another trip up to South Bend the first weekend to visit my cousin and her brother. That first Monday we went up to the Michigan sand dunes. We were hoping to get into the park to see the sun rise but found out once we got there the park didn’t open till after 8a.m. So after we got in, we climbed up one of the dunes and hung out for a while. Buried one cousin in the sand. We then went down to the beach and took an hour nap.

October. Went up to Rochester, New York to see my sister’s marching band perform. She’s a drum major this year. Came back with in-season New York apples [the best!] and made a pie which I shared with my relatives out here in Ohio.

November. Finished Fall quarter at school and went home for Thanksgiving. My cousin brought her boyfriend who was well-received. We took in a Rochester Amerks hockey game. And they won. Hoo-ah!

December. I’ll be flying up to Rochester this coming Saturday. Can’t wait. My housemates are leaving town on Wednesday.

Ending the year as it began. Like two bookends. Quaint.


One thought on “On An Abrupt Ending

  1. good to see pittsburgh mentioned in your year review. hope you guys get to come back again soon. and now you won’t just be visiting marianne’s friend, you’ll be visiting your friend too. and linus of course.


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