On Modernity

I am always amazed at how quickly we can change the scenery around us.

Saturday morning I flew out of Ohio and by lunchtime, I was in New York. Nine hours later, my brother flew up to New York. A day later and it seems as though my life in Ohio is about a million miles west of here and a million years behind me. Modern conveniences, such as the ability to hop on a plane and fly anywhere in the world in a matter of hours always makes me blink.

Am I dreaming all of this up?

The ability to change scenery, so-to-speak, really drives home the point that we should make the most of where we stand at the moment. Because the present, and the future, drive us to change ever more quickly. Though I might add that many of us will eventually settle down with mortgages and spouses and kids, the quintessential American Dream.

Usually when visiting somewhere or someone(s), I like to allow at least one day to pass as slowly as it used to when I was in grade school. It gives me a place in which to observe the passing permanence of the current time and place in which I’m situated. And it allows the chance to reflect back once the hourglass runs short and life must go on.

After all, life is only but ever-forward progression; time marches on.


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