On Ostensible Importance

Or, maybe this age of relativism isn’t such a bad thing after all.

Back in November, my pastor relayed to the congregation he would be covering family topics during February of ’08. Back in church today after being out of town for two weeks, I found out those topics have been planned for this month. Come to find out January is this church’s family month. Or something along those lines. Praise God pastor let those of us who aren’t “married, almost married, engaged, soon-to-be engaged, etc” know we can still get something out of the month’s emphasis on family.

…Compartmentalizing isn’t realizing
Because it’s not affecting change in the real world.
So get on with your life and get over mine
There’s only one world but there’s many different tastes…

Perhaps I’m slow. Or maybe I’ve just been single long enough to conclude that the importance Church places on various things, i.e. family, sex, are relative in importance at best from person to person. Hell, maybe I’m jaded to a degree. Whatever the case may be, I find life to be a tad depressing if I am to believe I should live every day with the desire to marry and have kids at some point in my life. I find life to be irritating when friends and family jab comments aloud about marriage with increasing intensity the older I get.

So enjoy, don’t employ your state.
Common goals, communicate to contemplate
The way things are and why
Don’t pawn the status quo problems off on the other guy…

In November 2006, my pastor started a series on the book of Revelation. We’ve not gotten half-way through yet. I guess it’s not of much importance to finish the study on the book in the foreseeable future, if ever. Too bad, I’ve enjoyed the series thus far, even if sometimes it takes two months between sermons on the book.

Church at large is really nothing more than a microcosm of the general state of the human existence. A stew of various groups, interests, desires, opinions and behaviors. If anything, shouldn’t the focus be more on the general practice of communal gathering rather than speaking to one group for a month and another group another month and so on.

You’re a celebrity in your own world.
Catch phrases only catching cob webs
Spiritualized capital gain and wealth
Isn’t the means to the end, isn’t the end itself…

Personal importance to me is living life that isn’t categorically reduced to narrow, clichéd and over-spiritualized discipline or religiously-based objectivity. At the risk of being cliché, life has too much to offer, and that includes both the positive and the negative. As much as possible, I’d like to avoid that which seeks to glue me to one occupation or purpose, or ties me down when I’d rather be elsewhere.

Manifest individuality.
Manifest a sense of reality.
Because it’s non-exclusive
Don’t be so elusively blind
Things are never what they seem
You don’t know what you’ll find…

Italicized lyrics: MxPx Sometimes You Have To Ask Yourself

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