On Pancakes

This past Friday evening, housemate #3 (HM #3) called up the stairs to the second floor where I was playing on my acoustic guitar [housemate #1] and me are gonna do breakfast in the morning if you want to join us. There must be more people afraid of stairs than the American Medical Association lets on because HM #3, just like all previous housemates who’ve resided on the first floor of the house, rarely, if ever, climb the stairs to ask me their questions. So since I didn’t hear him the first time, I had to put my guitar down, open my door, and walk out towards the stairs.

What? I asked him.
[HM #1] and me are gonna do breakfast in the morning if you want to join us.
Oh okay, yeah that sounds like a good idea…what time? There was a bit of whispered conversation between HM #’s 1 and 3 before I got an answer.
Okay, that’ll work for me.

I forgot to set my alarm and thereby did not wake up till quarter to 1p.m. on Saturday. I lazily got dressed and headed downstairs. No one was home. I figured I must’ve obviously overslept breakfast. Not to worry, though. Just after 1p.m. both housemates came trolling through the front door. I walked out to the living room and found that A League of Their Own and Out of Time were both on television.

HM #3 yelled out from the kitchen do you still want to eat breakfast?
I thought you guys had already eaten.
Not yet.
Yeah I’ll still have breakfast.
How many eggs?
Two’s good.

A few minutes later I walked into the kitchen and watched. HM #1 was finishing cooking up the eggs while HM #3 was busy stirring the pancake batter.

Speaking to HM #1, and sounding somewhat defeated, HM #3 stated this looks too thin.
We can add some flour to thicken it up.

I don’t know he replied, whisking the batter frantically. I’m not sure what to do.
HM #1 stepped over to the bowl, looked into it and said well, it’s fine, it’s up to you if you want to thicken it up.

They eventually added a bit more pancake mix into the mixture, which HM #3 began stirring. He then commented to HM #1 you’re gonna make someone a good wife someday.

I wonder if HM #3 ever read the directions on the box.


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