Sometime Around Midnight

He was eating pretzels.
And they were
Somewhat salty.
Just the way
He might like her.

They are like Mae,
Only on a rather
Extended sugar-pop
High of anthemic
Melody and harmony.

Spread your arms
Wide and take time
To look from side
To side imagining
You just might be
Able to fly.

Faces in sepic
Color like Valentine’s
Red sun; a visual
Reminder that
There is enough
Love for everyone.

She ran her hands
Through his almost-long
Hair and smiled
Lightly; and when
He breathed, exhaled,
She smiled once more.

It was a trail they’d
Walked dozens of
Times before but this
Time if felt as if it
Were the first, and
They both felt
exactly the same.

We said goobye
To beginnings and
Soon enough found
Ourselves hoping
For endings, because
We know the latter
Is the better of either.


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