Randoms, Just Because

The sun was red when setting a few times this week. Just like it did at the same time last year. I think it’s saying I can’t wait for Spring and Summer. I noticed a small heart sticker had fallen from a student’s belongings and lay to rest on a rug. I would have taken a picture of it and posted it here, but thought the metaphor is already six inches from its grave. You’ll have to imagine what it looked like; sometimes the imagination is better. Junior Highers are ironically humorous and they won’t understand that fact for years to come. A boy told me I need a haircut and I think it’s because he wants everyone to be buzzed like he is. The same boy threw a snowball at me a month ago. I vowed to him I’ll get him back. Today he was waiting at the door I was walking towards while heading into work. So I gathered up some snow and formed it into a snowball. His eyes grew wide and he ran away from me. He doesn’t know I might wait till Spring and dump a bucket of water on him; water is water whether frozen or liquid. The same boy’s father threatens him with punishment but apparently never follows through. I could get used to four day work weeks. A snow-day last week and President’s Day this coming Monday. Orgasmic melodic trance. Don’t worry, it’s just a descriptive phrase of what happens when stumbling upon new music that makes you feel like you’re weightless. One of my favorite new things I’ve received this year is a mug I got for my birthday from work. I must be getting old. I observed to a housemate that there are a ton of Baptist churches in the area and he was surprised at that. I’ve been meaning to frame a handful of pictures and hang them up but God knows when I’ll actually get around to doing that. I asked a teacher yesterday while at work if he was okay since he was limping. I’m 43, he replied.


One thought on “Randoms, Just Because

  1. That boy makes an interesting character. And wait ’til you dump a bucket of water at him! Things get even more interesting! *lol* I like mugs, too. I wonder what’s he mug you received like? Hmm…


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