Delectable Color

Another snow day.

The first thing I do every morning when I get up is look out my second-story window. That is, if it’s not frosted over, which happens quite often this time of year.

Mid-February must be this area’s season for snow as well as gorgeous sunsets. A light work day means I get out with just enough time to snap a few pictures. I have my point-n-shoot Nikon 5600E set to vivid color, and with the sunset setting in place, the blues and reds and purples seem almost palpable.

2008-2-20-snow-covered-plow.jpg 2008-2-20-snow-covered-pallets-2.jpg 2008-2-20-snow-covered-back-hoe.jpg 2008-2-20-snow-covered-pallets-3.jpg

Everything’s asleep in the blue chill.


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