I. Petition to the Third Month

March: Spend yourself well as
you push me towards those new
beginnings that the warm face
of summer is so soon bringing.
Teach me to learn all I can, to
hide my face in the shadow of
security, while you roar as the
lion and lie peacefully, as
does the lamb in the pasture.

Tell me the secrets which only
you could tell, only you know.
What have you seen, what have
you heard – the scandals and
heartaches and little white lies,
truths and half-truths and other
honesties. Tell me your secrets.

II. The Answer

I am but a
set number
of days.
I have come
before and
so I might
be as the
sands of
the ocean,
which one of
me should speak?
Let you
and I instead
These are
new days
with which
you have
been blessed.
Might you
look ahead.
I will return
next year.

©  1 March ’05 &
1 March ’06, respectively


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