Waking Up In New York

I’m not in Ohio anymore. At least it didn’t look like I was. Everyone is pretty sick of snow out here. I’m loving it.

Somewhere between six inches and one foot of snow fell between Friday and Saturday. My summer boss was plowing the campus I work at for half the night last night. Yesterday was the first time in over a year and a half I did not use the trash golf cart for the garbage run. Amazingly I was able to pack three buildings’ worth of trash into only eight bags, stuffed them in my car and cruised through the campus to dispose of them. When I came back to park, I threw the steering over to the left, yanked the parking brake, and slid into a parking spot like a stunt professional.

I love driving in the snow.

Speaking of which, since almost no one was on the road today, I ventured out through the area for a few pictures. A couple of them I had stopped clear in the middle of the road to snap the picture.







2 thoughts on “Waking Up In New York

  1. These are great pictures.

    Kahuna did the same thing yesterday. Only with us in the car. I looked over at him and he had a small grin on his face. I said “you’re never going to change, are you?’ He said “This is the way I drive when I’m alone.”



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