Hide & Seek by Imogen Heap. This is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.

Spring is on the doorstep. Waiting for company on the porch swing. I think the season is like young beauty. Arrayed in new color and the expectation that anything is possible. Anything at all. Mae’s first album was named Destination: Beautiful. Maybe they were thinking of Spring?

What is anything? A compound word; a pronoun or a noun or an adverb. Or a concept. Maybe it’s a just a word we say to tell ourselves that figuratively closed doors are really open. A way to steer ourselves in directions we wish to go, instead of just waiting.

I think waiting becomes easier the older we get. Because life passes quicker and so what we wait for comes quicker as well. Children want the world and they want it in an instant. Old men who are lucky realize they have the world and it only took a lifetime.

Is life too short? I think the half-empty glasses and the half-full glasses are equal in number. But put them together. It’s the full glass of both halves that represents what life is.

Lazare Ponticelli was 110 before he died. Is this too long? Is it too short? Did he pass in his sleep with a smile from the dreams swirling in his mind? He was a boy long ago. And maybe he was a boy again in his old age. We tend to live in a circle and adulthood is wasted by many with worry as we age from children to adults, back to children.

Circles are beautiful. Maybe we come to our ends with a beauty that took a lifetime to behold.

And that’s beautiful.


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