We Reached For Anything


Like premonitions. Or intuitions. Something that feels like you know who is knocking at the front door before you’ve even opened it.


Like earth’s forces. Or solar eclipses. Standing in the front yard under eerie daylight which touches everything, yet at the same time, touches nothing. Like an invisible shadow.

It was indescribable.

Like picking up tools not used in years. Your hands remembering what to do as if not one day had passed.

We raised our hands to the sky as if our lives depended upon doing just that. Grasping for something, anything in the sky, we pulled down what each of us needed.

And since then, our lives have not been the same. She once told me there’s a glint in my eyes that speaks of something uncontainable.

I’ve spent hours staring into mirrors looking for what she sees but I’ve found nothing as of yet. She says it’s there and I believe her but I often wonder otherwise; Sometimes, though, I catch a glimpse of something resembling a reflection in her eyes, I’ve never told her.

I am awestruck.

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