Outside the thunder speaks. I hear no rain pelting either the roof or my lone window. My window which looks out from my second story room and directly at the neighbor’s stained glass window.

It is presently 1:26a.m. and I should have gone to bed hours ago. Especially since I felt pretty blah since about 2:30p.m. yesterday. I usually never think of Thursday but feeling blah makes for an agonizing day.

So no, I am still not asleep under two and a half bed spreads of pure warmth. Instead I watched yesterday evening’s American Idol that I DVR’d and was quite surprised to hear the contestants, on stage with a full Gospel choir, open the show with a rendition of Shout to the Lord. Usually I delete the show as soon as it is over. But I will hang on to this one for a while. If anything, it will keep the first eight episodes of this seaon’s Lost a bit of much needed company. [Along with The Matrix, Gladiator, and a few of my housemate’s ESPN sports shows.]

A new housemate will be joining us later this month. It has been rather quiet since B went off and got himself married in December. The toilet seat broke at its hinge the other day. I think it broke out of spite. We have all been nothing but gentle with it.

I have not turned the pages on my calendar since January.



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