Youthful Indiscretions

Say again
say never
never again
drive around
the bend
as if death
nips at your

I was
I admit
I admit I was
as scared as
I’ll ever be
scared as
you’ll never
again see me.

The wind
the radio
the wind
blared like
the radio
as our hair
blew in the
breeze and
I swear
I swear
you’ll never
drive around
the bend
that fast
ever again.

Mr. Matthews
was singing, I
heard him on
the radio and
he was singing
and I was fearing
and you were
smiling, laughing,
Mr. Matthews
was Crashing
and I thought we
would, too, and I
swear, I swear
never again.

But you, I know
you’ll swear with
me, you swore
under your breath
and you’ll swear
again with me
never again,
because when
your life flashes
by through a
twinkle in your
eye then you’ll
swear never again.

And the tire
tracks on the
street around
that bend are
you, they’re me
and we, we should
spend the rest
of the summer
by the pond.


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