Life Generically


It’s in the way they act. This one cries. With a heart on the sleeve for everyone to see. Reacting as how everyone thinks. That no no no, this cannot be. That one loses reality and for a moment slumps to the floor. Staying long enough to regain composure. Another just is. And perhaps the others think jealous thoughts. Who is, who just is, no no no, this cannot be.

There’s yet one more, headstrong. They all are. We all are. It is the way we are because we all have that mannerism in common. We butt heads more often than not, but we laugh and carry on and know. We know, we just know.

It’s because we all know. We know this is the final act. Afterwards we’ll glance once more through the show’s program to glean any pertinent information, little or grand. And then we will head home. Everyone drives home and we will be no different.

Maybe one of us will keep our program. I know one of us will. It is, after all, how we live.


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