This and That

Another day in paradise.

Who needs tickets? It’s free. Keep your window open throughout the night and let the birds sing you awake. The weather is warm enough now where I debate wearing jeans or shorts to work. I really don’t want to wear shorts yet for I am the son of the great white kahuna.

I’m gearing up for a bike ride tomorrow.

Spring is my time to lament winter’s death. I like bundling up with long-sleeved shirts and jackets and hats. But then summer is the time for road trips.

I love road trips.

The kids have their Earth Day posters hung up in the hallway. Liberal humanism mixed with Jesus makes for a sad travesty. But then again I am the cynic. It’s what I do best.

And oh, here’s some kickass news. Slick Shoes is getting back together, with all original members and putting out an album. Sweet.

Ten bonus points to the person who can identify the song referenced in this post.


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