Hello Stupid

Most people go out on a typical Friday night.

I, on the other hand, would much rather stay shut up in my room. Especially seeing as how I spilled pop over the right section of my laptop keyboard. Well, spilled is a bit too gentle a verb. No, I threw the pop. Ice, too. Lucky me.

It even got my tax rebate checks wet. Doubly lucky me.

So guess how I spent my Friday night.

A free ice cream on me to the person who can guess the song/band referenced somewhere in this post.

[And obviously, if I’m typing this post, then safely assume I got everything cleaned up.]


3 thoughts on “Hello Stupid

  1. Easy…the song is “Hello Stupid” by Slick Shoes from the album Far From Nowhere I believe.

    I’ll take the ice cream when you come to visit if that is still on.


  2. 🙂

    I put that out there assuming you would get it. One free ice cream for you, coming up…now I just have to get out your way for that to happen!


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