What A Stitch

Update II

Itchy and prickly stitches, oh my!

Here’s looking to Wednesday. Stitches come out. And I get to visit the Infamous for the 4th of July weekend. I’ve promised Miss R to take lots of pictures, perhaps even some goofy ones at that. And perhaps, if the Infamous wants, I’ll make him some goodies or something if he has to work on Thursday. Does he have anything which which to cook? We shall all find out!


You know how sometimes you don’t notice something, or you’re not bothered by something till someone mentions it to you? Yeah, well, thanks goes to the woman who asked about my hand at the Wright Patterson Air Force Tattoo yesterday. I now can’t get my mind off the itching.

And speaking of the Tattoo. I need to complain about something since I vow not to complain about my hand. What an overhyped and underperforming event. In the span of an hour, we had five aircraft flyovers. Five. Yippee. And I particularly didn’t like waiting an hour just to get out of the parking lot. If that’s how my tax dollars are being spent, I’d like a refund.

Move over, Manreeny. It’s my turn to garner sympathy from the family.

Nothing draws coworkers together as does one of them slicing their hand open down to the tendon.


7 thoughts on “What A Stitch

  1. I do have things with which to cook, just not all the ingredients you’ll need to cook with.

    Better bring some batteries for your camera…I have a feeling there’ll be a ton of pictures coming out of this trip!


  2. Say…. hows about an updated picture of the “blow out”? Should be getting a lot better by now. Itchy and Scratchy ….you’ll be snipping and pulling the stitches out soon.

    Stop by Radio Shack and get a power converter for any electrical items you may want to use while over in Europe. Write Scott, he can advise you on just what to get.


  3. The hand looks the same except I’ve cleaned up as much of the dried blood and iodine as I could. I’ll try putting something up on Wednesday after the stitches are taken out.

    The only thing electrical I’ll have is a camera. And we’re only gonna be there for a week. No need to waste much time on the internet or watching television.

    Speaking of watching television, does anybody do that anymore? 🙂


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