Winter Story

No. It’s too cold now.
Don’t leave. Goosebumps.
Chilled extremities.
No. It’s too cold.
But I love it when
you come inside
with a red button nose.

So I went with you.
Outside. Running.
Down the street.
To the park at the end.
By the broken swing set.
It’s so cold. Inhaling iced
air. Exhaling white.

Snapped a picture as
you leaned against
the broken swing set…

Looking off. Into the
distance. See anything
warm? So cold. I had to
go back to the house.

…the swing set wasn’t
always broken.

Heat. Fingers and toes hurt
warming up. Snow sizzles
disappearingly on the fireplace.
Glance outside. You’re
walking up the driveway.
I meet you at the door and
open it. Your red button nose.


2 thoughts on “Winter Story

  1. I just love this poem. The reference to the broken swing set is great and I love the red button nose. I can really see and feel this winter scene you set up. Great emotion.


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