Off the Beaten Path

Been meaning to take a stroll through Carter Caves State Resort Park in Kentucky for a few months. So today I decided to go. Had church while driving in a relative southeast direction for three hours.

What a beautiful drive.

Reminded me that I’m going to have to end up living somewhere amongst mountains. And in a log cabin-style house – saw one in mid-construction on the drive down. Passing through the outskirts of one depressed town amidst all the others since Washington, DC whored the U.S. economy out to the world market, I drove past a train hauling loads of coal up a slight grade. Wish I could’ve gotten a picture of it.

An absolute gorgeous day for a walk through the park.

Hiked the Three Bridges, Raven Bridge, Rockhouse, and Natural Bridge trails. I’m estimating about six miles of hiking.


3 thoughts on “Off the Beaten Path

  1. This is neat . . . It’s amazing how therapeutic some time in nature can be–And I’ve been thinking a lot about “log-cabin style” houses lately, so it’s funny you mentioned that, too.

    Glad you had a nice trip!


  2. Colourful and smily. I like the way you write. And that’s true: nature is a gift, more and more detached from a curious and nealry psychopath world. Hope it has real good doctors.
    Thank you dear.


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