Chapter 09

Some favorite lyrics from new music this year. [The list is actually longer but most are difficult to include when their potency is based contextually upon the arrangement of a song.]

Ride, ride on the wind that gets you out of here. Fly away from me.

So tell your mama I said hello. And that she raised you too damn slow.

I wait, I wait, I wait only in jest. I wait, I wait, I wait with no need to rest I wait. “The day, the day, the day will come again,” I say. A ray of light can only get in if I say. I’ve been putting off this purification, a rebirth and a regeneration inside of me. And I’ve been saying “no” for far too long even though something brand new is coming out of me.

Things that don’t make sense are always a little deceiving.

Our fears are only what we tell them to be.

Give me a disaster, give me emergency. Stand me at the head of the crusade without a remedy.

Not once in life have I been real, but I’ve never felt this close before.


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