Upon Some Moments Wonder Revels

Oh wondrous rain –
Matting hair
Suffocating eyes.
Outstretched arms,
Twirling bodies,
Splashing into enlarging

Oh wondrous night –
Stars tremble in motion with
Us in our wetted chills.
We run down our
Country road.
Exhaled breaths
Screaming for us
To slow down,
Though temporal expressions
they be, they vanish in magical
wonder and astonishment –
those seconds of who and where
we were.

Oh wondrous life –
A thousand ways and
One to know you –
Reenacting histories
Within the pretenses
Of the rages of modernity.
Yes, all the world’s a stage
So watch for me.
When the curtain rises
I’ll speak seven things –
That I might be known
To ten thousand lifetimes,
Physical evidences to
Be guarded by cobwebs.
When great-grandfather clocks
Strike the ringing notes
Of a life marking
Ten thousand and one,
I be as an expired sigh.


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