The Concert Pianist

The man in classic orchestral
suit sits to his piano and
begins to haunt the audience
with ivory keys, playing an eerie
yet strangely familiar melody.

We the audience sit as our
ears are pricked and minds soothed,
oddly fulfilled, as if the
ivory keys locked those doors
in our psyche we’d been
looking to close this many
years, but did not know how.

The man in classic orchestral
suit harmonizes the final
ghostly note and we the audience
sit spellbound.

“Encore!” cheers one man up
front and a child in the back
rings the same in his soprano
voice. “Yes, yet again!” a woman
sings desperately, and

the man who sits at the piano
turns his head ever so
gently, slowly, slightly
to the right to peer out into
his audience, but is blinded
by the luminous lights of the stage.
Unable to see past the shining
he believes his song to have
summoned the vocal ghosts
of the concert hall.

And so that he might spite the
ghosts, whose need for anything
purely human is insufferable, the
pianist gathers his
music and exits stage left.


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