I Walk Down Main Street

I walk down Main Street,
Disheveled sidewalk telling
Tales of misspent municipal tax receipts.

I walk down Main Street on
Its disheveled sidewalks where
Young children play on tricycles
And bicycles, some running afoot,
A lone child across the street lost
In imagination, boy noises I vaguely

Young children who play on the
Sidewalks, inches from the fire
Engine that blurs by every day
Near four in the afternoon,
Its siren blaring, its trembles
I know will rattle the windows
And walls of the empty house
Where I reside.

I walk down Main Street on its
Disheveled sidewalks having no
Particular place to go; this town
Discontented with its size – bursting
At the seams – its locale amid the cornfields
And utter flatness of middle America.

It is much like the quiet life I live, except
In anxiousness for something always, I am
Somehow content.


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