This Is Honesty

Before the closing
Of weary eyes.

For we are who
We are, what we are –
It is some kind
Of ethereal.

And then we
Are no more –
As if to have
Been wholly surreal.

What, then, is mourning?

Call this morbid,
Feign honesty.


3 thoughts on “This Is Honesty

  1. Last week B sat down long-faced and asked if anyone close to me had ever died. He said K had been “pretty close” (I didn’t know since I don’t get all the updates). In any case, I told him it was morbid to be so distraught over someone almost dying when they haven’t died, that we all die, and that this is life and “it is what it is”. He replied that I was being morbid. I countered by saying it’s the furthest from such since it is honesty. There’s no sense in being dejected about something that happens to everyone or pushing it out of thought as if it couldn’t happen. So that’s the essence of the last line – calling a spade a spade can’t be anything but honesty.


  2. Thank you.

    Intense emotion resulting from emotional impact. I’d say B was doing the healthy thing by sitting down and talking about it. Hope it helped him get his feet back under him.


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