Chapter 11

A good year for new and new-to-me music.

My favorite was Lights’ sophomore album Siberia. Other stuff I found:


Hey Monday Hold On Tight & Beneath It All
Jant Self-Titled
Rootdown Tidal Wave
Steve Moakler All The Faint Lights

Individual Songs

Avril Lavigne Black Star, 4 Real, Everybody Hurts, I Love You, Not Enough, Remember When, Stop Standing There
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Captain Blood
Darren Flowers Get Closer To Me, June, Length Of Our Fall, Only You
Dave Melillo Blood [Remix]
Graham Colton 1981 [Blackwatch Sessions], Everything You Are [Blackwatch Sessions], Hold Onto My Heart, Pacific Coast Eyes [Blackwatch Sessions], Wide Open Inside
The Hawk In Paris Between The World And You, Curse The Love Songs, Put Your Arms Around Me
Molly Parden C’est La Vie, Cream Soda Kiss, Love Bird
Neoclubber Dreamland, See No Stars [Extended Radio Edit], Turn On The Night [Radio Edit], Wonder Why
Prom Night In Black And White New Homes
Rihanna Fading, What’s My Name
Take Cover Don’t Say You Love Me
The Undeserving Fall
The Youngbloods End Of The World, You’re Not Alone

I’m a bit disappointed that I couldn’t make the PostAWeek2011 challenge as I fell short by about a dozen posts this year. That being said it was my least productive year as far as writing is concerned.

For 2012, I am going to begin posting older stuff I have stashed away which will also give me the chance to rework some of them. I’ve also got a few more ideas for compilations. I already have one started but it’s been months since I’ve even looked at it. Perhaps I’ll work on getting things finished sooner…but don’t hold your breath.

See ya next year.


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