Tax Story: 2015 Editon

This is a true story, bro.

Kinda been craving me a shake.
A shake sounds good. Meet at 6?
Sweet. I’m starving.
Let’s do 5:30. I’m hungry, too.
Ok. I need about 15 minutes to change.
That’s fine. I’m not home yet and have to do my city taxes…that’ll only take a few minutes.
You and those darn taxes. 😣
I know. It’s a bigger ass plug every year.
Freaking hilarious.

A few numbers in case you’re wondering: I am paying $100 more this year. I paid $130 less to my State than to my town. My town is taking a whopping 1/3 of what the Fed did.

I hope the unnecessary police department is happy with their shiny new vehicles. The silver lining? At least I wasn’t subject to Obamacare.

Tune in next year for more crazy fun


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