Orion’s Displeasure

Lying flat on my
Back in the middle
Of the front yard
I look into the eternity
Above and watch
As darkness’ lights
Make their presence
Known in this late-night
Sky, catching Orion
Off guard as he reaches
Out his hand grabbing at
What lights he may,
Toying with them and then
Tossing them aside,

Some illuminating the sky
As they skip over
The atmosphere,
Some falling through
And down towards
Earth’s soil breaking
Into millions of
Diminutive shards.

Are you displeased
With them, Orion?

Quickly conspiring
I move to frustrate Orion’s
Intentions, plucking the
North Star out
Of the evening sky.
I take it inside my
Place of residence
And lay it in your
Hands and watch as
It finds its dwelling
Safe within your eyes.

Original concept
4 August 2005


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