A Thirty-Something Learning Thirteen Year Old Tech

I continue to be in love with the Ohio BMV. To re-title and transfer registration takes no more than twenty minutes. This includes an amiable walk out to the parking lot to jot down the VIN and the Title Clerk having to reference Indiana State law.

Something I discovered today about owning a car that is two years further into this century than my previous car: The weight of a four-year-old Lenovo Thinkpad, sitting on the front passenger seat, is enough to make the passenger-side seatbelt light blink. I had no idea my car had that kind of light. I didn’t notice the light was even on until pulling into my driveway and backing into my parking spot. The car manual was of no help. I only figured out why the light was on because I moved my laptop off the seat…the car’s manual was of no help.

Other fun facts: I still have yet to enjoy the six-disc cd changer because I always have talk radio playing. Which, btw, NPR airs the BBC between 4 and 5am. Amazing interviews between 4 and 430am. I don’t think I’ll ever figure out how to program unique equalizer settings for the radio. On another note, yes, I do know how to operate the moon roof.


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