Blame The Covfefe

Not my normal posting for this blog, but reality waxes poetic in hindsight so in the words of Doc Brown, “I figure[d], well, what the hell.”

Just A Few Things I Hate About Washington, D.C.

  • Humidity.
  • Too many people ergo
  • Too much traffic.
  • A non grid-based road system.
  • The road quality makes Ohio’s feel like paradise.
  • It’s really just a big slab of concrete.

Two Things I Like About Washington, D.C.

  • JonBeeVinNah
  • Banana Brain

Inbetween The Things We Do For Others

  • Sometimes you’re too tired to realize you’ve missed I-271N and have to take I-71 all the way up to I-90E.
  • GMC’s UHaul truck is a pos V8 limited to 75mph.
  • No one in D.C. knows about the Clara Barton Parkway.
  • The only way to find the Clara Barton Parkway is while looking for a way around D.C. traffic.
  • Make sure to pack your toiletries in a bag and then leave them on your bed.
  • The furniture a sibling receives is dependent upon what furniture the other sibling claims beforehand.
  • The Old Man has a warehouse’s worth of machining tools and even more stories to go along with them.
  • The neighborhood fox near my parents did not say, “Yum. I ate your cat.”
  • You will spend an inordinate amount of time vacuuming your sister’s car.
  • You would have vacuumed the floor mats but your father soaked them with the hose…it will take more than a day for them to dry out.
  • You are unsure whether or not your sister is making fun of the movie reviews you post on Faceboo.

Feminism Is Dead. FINALLY.

Banana Brain: I need a man…


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