I fashioned a dagger from
The hands of my debauchery
And stuck myself with it.
Blood flowing free
I could not see.
Affairs in my inner being,
I was guilty.

So now if you rip open
My flesh and break
My ribs apart, see.
See the scars
That are upon my heart.

And when you’re through
Piece me back together
And riddle me this.
Are you finished stabbing
Yourself to death, too?

Originally written
30 October 2003


Bleeding Canvas

Red paint
Thrown against
The canvas,
Patterned chaos.
Standing back
With an
Empty stare,
Words lost.
Red splashes
Drip as tears
Onto the hard
Wood floor.
She wiped
Red paint
From her hands
And walked
Out the door.

Original concept
26 April 2007