That Charcoaled Veil Of The Night

Quietly on your front porch.
We’ve been tracking the march
Of the moon across this night sky,
How late it has become tonight.

Closer sitting.
You whisper your thougts to, and
I release my wishes to, allof those
Glittering stars up above.
How unfathomably far away they are.

Closely sitting.
That charcoaled veil of the night
And its scattred lights,
Outlining the pattern of sparkles
in your eyes, unrivalved.

You stare a little longer.
I lean in a little closer;
As the moon reaches its height
So must you go in for this night.
And your farewell to me tonight, oh.
In expressible – your lips meet mine.

Originally written
5 February 2004

Bleeding Canvas

Red paint
Thrown against
The canvas,
Patterned chaos.
Standing back
With an
Empty stare,
Words lost.
Red splashes
Drip as tears
Onto the hard
Wood floor.
She wiped
Red paint
From her hands
And walked
Out the door.

Original concept
26 April 2007