Photographing Vanity

She writes endlessly of
Things concerning faith,
God-this-God-that and she
Has a habit of never
Changing her photograph.
She might remain stuck in
Time as a young woman
While the rest of humanity
Grows and withers away.

Photographs used to age,
Colors bending towards
Non-existence but not
Anymore; post-modernity
Seeks to keep the rich
Alive, euthanizing the
Rest of us but then history
is filled with those who
Did the same, only with
Parchment and clay tablets.

Peter, Paul and Mary once
Reminisced where have
All the young men gone?
She wants to know the same.

Last night she dreamt
Old age is for writing
Deep thoughts on paper,
Youth is for soon-to-be-
Forgotten vanities. She
Awoke to morning doves
Speaking amongst
Themselves of the ancient
Christian Humanist pursuits.

Originally written
12 January 2007


Who Might Immerse Their Bread Into Wine

Desire is something
Burning more than
Fire within the heart.
It is a consuming
Epidemic to the
Unguarded, charring
And leaving nothing
Behind except more
Of itself.

Few are those who
Can keep themselves
From being burned
By desire’s flames, for
It spits out from the
Diseased hearts of
Themselves, others.

O great love in the
Heavens such a far
Cry above: consume,
Cleanse, make anew
Every heart below.

Originally written
28 April 2005