Our Hello Was Goodbye

You had reasons.

It was something of a convenience,
Borrowed time in which you resolved
A crisis of existentialism.

I had excuses.
And I spent my time
Finding the mind’s inclination for rationality.

Reasons and excuses pushed us forward,
Grew our differences.
Yet sometimes, in stubborn mystery,
It is so difficult to say



Blame The Covfefe

Not my normal posting for this blog, but reality waxes poetic in hindsight so in the words of Doc Brown, “I figure[d], well, what the hell.”

Just A Few Things I Hate About Washington, D.C.

  • Humidity.
  • Too many people ergo
  • Too much traffic.
  • A non grid-based road system.
  • The road quality makes Ohio’s feel like paradise.
  • It’s really just a big slab of concrete.

Two Things I Like About Washington, D.C.

  • JonBeeVinNah
  • Banana Brain

Inbetween The Things We Do For Others

  • Sometimes you’re too tired to realize you’ve missed I-271N and have to take I-71 all the way up to I-90E.
  • GMC’s UHaul truck is a pos V8 limited to 75mph.
  • No one in D.C. knows about the Clara Barton Parkway.
  • The only way to find the Clara Barton Parkway is while looking for a way around D.C. traffic.
  • Make sure to pack your toiletries in a bag and then leave them on your bed.
  • The furniture a sibling receives is dependent upon what furniture the other sibling claims beforehand.
  • The Old Man has a warehouse’s worth of machining tools and even more stories to go along with them.
  • The neighborhood fox near my parents did not say, “Yum. I ate your cat.”
  • You will spend an inordinate amount of time vacuuming your sister’s car.
  • You would have vacuumed the floor mats but your father soaked them with the hose…it will take more than a day for them to dry out.
  • You are unsure whether or not your sister is making fun of the movie reviews you post on Faceboo.

Feminism Is Dead. FINALLY.

Banana Brain: I need a man…