December Expressions

I’ve no overcoat but this early
December night begs no
Forgiveness dropping from above
What comes naturally to winter
While tossing around brief gusts
of cutting Canadian Winds.

Both of us dressed like heirs
To something nearly Divine
And we were young, to whom
The world belonged.

We saved our words for the
Decades to come when stolen
Looks under darkened lights
And between burning candles
Would no longer suffice.

And yet what might be left
Unspoken speaks the loudest
In wisdom and echoing clarity.

Reflection casts its truth in colored
Blacks and whites and so perhaps
December had been dining with us
As I have never been more chilled.

And your expressions were deathly pale.

Original concept
29 July 2005



We took our shirts off and
Took turns running up the
Driveway during a heavy
Soaking rain jumping in
What always became a large
Puddle at the corner by
The street then running back
In haste into the garage whose

Emptiness amplified the
Thunderings of nature
Flexing its will and we
Stood at the doorway with
Wrinkled fingers
Bodies slightly shaking with chills
Listening and watching quietly.

We never stopped to think
That the umbrellas were gathering
Dust in the front coat closet
While we were boys being boys.
And that there is enough life
To live as a man, soaking rains
Don’t last forever.

Original concept
8 March 2006